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Skimming 101

We have a conception of 101 skimming. Yes, skimming can not be more then 100% so 101 means = default skimming. Ie if you set skimming 101 for SE traffic and you have default skimming set to 60 - so SE surfers will get skimming 60 too.

Last Clicks

(L. Click) - This parameter shows % of users who left for trader's site and that was his last click, meaning he didn't do any more clicks on your site after that. Technically it can be presented like your productivity at trader's site.

Script Version

Basically there are 2 versions: free and paid.

The only difference is that free version takes 1% of your clicks.

You can buy a temporary paid version with Subscription

Mysql Settings

are located in scj/includes/config.php

Predefined ICQ messages

an extremely comfortable feature for chatting with traders. Unfortunately, it works perfectly in IE only. Turn on in Settings → CJ Settings - Display config “Show ICQ preset messages” option. The menu with different messages to trader will appear on the screen when clicking on the trade’s number. For instance a message about trade adding or an offer to force. Choose something, the message is copied to your clipboard and the chat window with the trader opens. The only thing you have to do is to insert the text and press 'Send'. Take a look at Settings → Config Files - there's file inq_messages with presets.


it's a command line tool to manipulate images, usually used to add some contrast, sharpness or blur. Here is recommended IM strings for your site: (not that PATH to IM could be diffrent on your server, usually it /usr/bin/ or /usr/local/bin/)

  • /usr/bin/convert -filter Sinc -modulate 105,110,100 -unsharp 1.0x1.0+0.1 -enhance -strip
  • /usr/bin/convert -filter Blackman -modulate 110,102,100 -sharpen 1×1 -enhance

Additional traffic

if you want to force some traffic (for example if you buy some traffic at trafficholder, trafficadept so on) add fake trader for example '' and set 'Active' - No. That's a way you can see quality of that traffic.

I forgot password to admin area.

Is there any way to recover it ?

A. No, there's no easy way to recover you. You can only chabge password. Here is what you need to do:

  1. rename /scj/admin/.htaccess file to /scj/admin/htaccess
  2. open admin area (it will not ask for a password)
  3. change password
  4. rename /scj/admin/htaccess file back to /scj/admin/.htaccess

Can i transfer traders from other scripts ?

A. Yes, try to find export feature in your script and paste data in SmartCj at Maintanance → Import.

What is Bookmarks ?

In theory - % of surfers from this trader who adds your site info bookmarks. Here is how we detect this. Lets say surfer from trader A visits our site, we set a cookie “this surder is from trader A”, this cookie will expire in a week. If user visits out site again during with week without a referer at all (but with this cookie) - we count him as a bookmark.

How to move script to another server

  1. Update script to the last version on the current server
  2. make mysqldump of your DB
  3. install script on new server
  4. restore DB on new server

Password Reset

There's no way to recover your password, you can only reset it.

If you use default (so-called Apache) authorization and did not clicked “Switch to multiaccess” in Setting - Password

  1. rename /scj/admin/.htaccess into /scj/admin/htaccess
  2. open admin area (it shouldn't ask for a password this time)
  3. set password
  4. rename /scj/admin/htaccess back into /scj/admin/.htaccess

If you did click “Switch to multiaccess ”

  1. Create a file reset.php in /scj/admin/
  2.  <?php
    db_query("update admins set password = MD5('admin') where login = 'admin' ");
    echo 'Done'; 
  3. open it in browser/scj/admin/reset.php
  4. delete reset.php

Common Issues You pressed “Switch to multiaccess”, renamed .htaccess - and now neither of your passwords work.

There are 2 possible issues

1. Folder is protected with nginx and password is set there

Test: open /scj/admin/test.php - if it asks for a password - that's it.

Solutation: ask admin to remove this authorization

2. You use php_fpm

Test: create a file scj/admin/123.php

   if (isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'])) {
   } else {
      header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="SmartCJ Admin area."');
      header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');
      echo 'Access Restricted';


Open it in browser. It should ask for a password (your can type whatever you want here) and then it should display what you've entered. If it keeps ask for a password - that's your case.


Or switch off multi auth

  1. create /scj/admin/reset.php
  2.  <?php
    db_query("update settings set value = '' where name = 'scj_admin_auth' ");
    echo 'Done'; 
  3. open in browser /scj/admin/reset.php
  4. delete reset.php

Reset IP access

  1. create /scj/admin/reset.php
  2.  <?php
    db_query("UPDATE settings SET value = '' WHERE name = 'admin_limit_ip' ");
    echo 'Done'; 
  3. open in browser /scj/admin/reset.php
  4. delete reset.php

Script Update version 1 -> 2

First branch of the script (1.X) is not supported any more and in 2016 we moved to the new version 2. If you have a site running version 1 you can move to version 2

  1. Install version 2 at the same domain where version 1 is (You'll need a new DB)
  2. SSH to scj/bin and run php scj_1to2_db_converter.php

Script will ask where version 1 is and copy all the data.

Check that everything's ok. You can use direct links like http://your_domain/version2/tube/?group_name=… and so on

And switch to the new version.


How to count traffic from feeders:

1. Easy to go: create a fake trader, lets say and send traffic as this way you can see all the stats under '' trader

2. You you have traffic coming from different sources and those sources are not added as trade - that traffic is counted under system trade “notrade”. You can split that traffic into separate trader : CJSettings - “Add Notrade as Inactive Feeder Traders” and every domain will be added as a feed trade, so you can see separate stats for each source.

There 2 options

- as separate trader - each domain will be added as a separate trader (you'll see eaxh domain in Trade) - as subfeeder - in this case you have to send traffic as (you have to create manually), and you'll see all the sources under stats (subfeeders tab)

If traffic does not have referer and referer has beed altered : in this case they usually add some params into URL , for example they send traffic as http://your_domain/? In this case you have to change referer in common.php

Add into common.php

if (isset($_GET['source'])) {
   $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] = 'http://' . $_GET['source'] . '/';

PHP update

Due to changes in IonCube now we have to create a separate set of files for each version of PHP ie if you have files for PHP 5 and decide to upgrade PHP you'll have to update files as well.

When you install the script - it detects your PHP version and downloads a set of files for your php version

So what you need when you update PHP version is to update files as well.

There are following options

1. Easy one

  • create mysql backup
  • phpdate PHP
  • reinstall the script, it'll download files for your version
  • restore mysql backup, run update, just in case )

2. if you like to copy files

  • update PHP
  • install the script, it'll download files for your version
  • copy *.php files to your domains, excludeкроме common.php and config.php

Here's a tip how to copy files

rsync -avh --include '*/' --include '*.php' --exclude '*' source_path destination_path

Note 1: Save (& restore after the rsync) config.php & common.php from existing install or they'll be overwritten.

Note 2: source_path must include TCMS directory, destination_path must be the directory one level above TCMS directory.
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