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Nginx - is an HTTP-server, and in most cases it is faster then Apache. Common scheme now is front\back - nginx\Apache.

Here are some error you can make in configuration

Error 1 - the same IP address

Trade script logs IP addresses and it's very important for script run by Apache to get real IP from nginx. So the first error is passing or server's IP for all requests from nginx to apache.

Open in browser /scj/admin/test.php, find REMOTE_ADDR and make sure it has your IP, not server's ip or

Error 2

When nginx passes surfer's ip not only in REAL_IP, but in HTTP_FORWARED_FOR (or HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR) as well.

How to check : open /scj/admin/test.php, look for HTTP_FORWARED_FOR (

HTTP_FORWARED_FOR is a field basicly added by proxies, so if SmartCJ sees this field it thinks that a hit comes via proxy.

How to fix: ask admin to pass ip in REAL_IP only. After you have it fixed make sure there's no field HTTP_FORWARED_FOR in /scj/admin/test.php

REMOTE_ADDR and REAL_IP - your real IP, SERVER_ADDR - server's IP (and server's ip and yours are not the same), HTTP_FORWARED_FOR doesnt exists.

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