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TS Templates (CMS Pages)

Tube templates are based on regular rotation templates Rotation Pages, but there are 4 predefined template for tube stucture.

Index - Index of your site. It shows list of of categories by default, but you can also show most popular thumbs for example.

content_list - list of thumbs from each category. (category pages)

content_search - template for search results

content_page - template for embed content pages.

There are few new tags for tube sites:

Navigation (links like 1 2 3 … 10 to navigate within each category)

<li><a href="/category/<!--CATEGORY_ID-->/<!--CATEGORY_NAME-->/<!--SORT_ORDER-->/<!--PAGE_NUM-->/" title="<!--PAGE_NUM-->"><!--PAGE_NUM--></a></li>

List of categories

<category order=alphabet num=1-5>
<li><a href="/category/<!--CATEGORY_ID-->/<!--CATEGORY_NAME-->/ctr/1/"><!--CATEGORY_NAME--></li>

Note ! there are 2 params for category tag: order - sort of list by alphabet (alphabet) and by ctr (clicks), and a num numbers of categories to show (in example from 1 to 5 from list sorted by order).

Please, take a look at example. it shuld be self-explained.

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