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The beginning

If you are going to use internal rotation, please, start here New Rotation Step By Step

If you gonna use trade only there are 2 ways to count hits


If you have many SHTML pages add this code after <body> tag

<!--#include virtual="/scj/cgi/include.php?${QUERY_STRING}"-->

For php pages add

<?php include_once ('./scj/cgi/include.php'); ?> 


First of all you have to copy index.php, common.php, out.php from scj/cgi directory to the directory, where the surfers will come to. Usually it’s a domain’s root. If you already have any other files named index.* there, they have to be renamed or transferred to another directory.

next step is to create the necessary number of pages and point them to the script in Settings→CJ Pages.

Script will rotate those pages for serfers one by one, i.e. for the first time serfer goes to

For the second time – For the third - /usr/home/

And then everything starts from the very beginning.

You can add CJPages as URLs or with absolute path. Last one is preferable.

If you have many pages (ie archives and so on) add this code every page where you want to count traffic

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