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CJ Settings

Most of the options here are quite clear and don’t need additional explanation. But still some of them need detailed discussion.

Counted clicks Max – the maximum amount of clicks, which can be counted to 1 serfer. That means that the following clicks go to where they have to be sent but are not reflected in the statistics.

Next click is a click number – click number, which has to be counted as Next Click column (Second Click)

Header Check - this feature could help you to find some stupid cheaters or get some extra stats. When user's browser requests a page from your site it sends a some info about itself, script can collect and analyze this data. For example, most browsers support gzip encoding (html page compression) while some cheater\proxies dont. Select Settings→CJSEttings→Header field checks = Accept Gzip Encoding. You can also select Server Protocol and charset. Advanced user can select any field from header (click Advanced )

Trade Formula – a formula, thanks to which script finds out the priority of each trade, it’s needless to say that the higher priority is, the higher is the possibility of the trader to get a hit. So all the traders are divided according to several parameters. Some formulas created by both users and programmers can be seen here. Trade Formula

Default Firstclick - First Click, notice each trader has a personal setting for this and it has a priority.

Cookie lifetime – cookie lifetime in seconds, 86400 – 24 hours. Script counts surfers based on cookies. If user visits our site again within 24H - it's a raw hit, in other case - unique.

Top position keywords – keywords divided with comma to find out your position in trader’s top. Top Positions

Admin Auto Refresh – to refresh Trade screen automatically through the mentioned amount of seconds.

System email - email used by script to send urgent messages to you. This email isnt shown anywhere except admin area.

Check main pages changes - this feature aimed agian server hacks. Script check pages from Settings → CJPages and if those page had been changed , script sends email to “System email”.

System proxy a proxy server used for all script's request outside server (alexa stats, top position and so on)

Advanced TOP settings parameters for toplists, take a look at Toplist

Processed Data - data types that will be logged by script. Actually you should take a took at this only if your site 5M+… anyway, if your database has a problem with perfomance - let me know.

Extra Traffic Settings actually in 99% of cases you don't need to change anything here. Lets take a look at what we have here..

ExtraHits URL - if server already clicked all of your trades he will be sent to exout url, his cookies will be deleted and he will start акь the very beginning. Actually happens only if you have something like 5 traders.

Send exout to traders - should we send serfer to traders who owe us ?

Send exout to galleries - should we send those very active clickers always to galleries ?

URL to add to galleries - an addition to gallery URL. For example, you have a list of webmaster's galleries but you want to open in new window with you ads at the top. Here is how you can do that:

Let's say you have out link

<a href="/out.php?url=http://webmaster/gallery.html"> Webmaster's gallery </a>

so when you click it script sends you to http://webmaster/gallery.html

First of all you create a new php file, let's say frame.php (put it at the root of your domain)

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1251">

<frameset rows="80,*" frameborder="NO" border="0" framespacing="0">
  <frame src="http://yourdomain/your_adds.html" name="topFrame" scrolling="NO" noresize>
  <frame src="<?=$_GET['url']?>" name="mainFrame">

This file creates a frameset with your ads at the top (80px) and webmaster's gallery.

Set 'URL to add to galleries' to


and script will send you to (using our example)


Send exout to galleries (ie if surfer has visited all your trades - send him to galleries all the time)

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