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There are 3 options to use the script: Subscription, Paid and Free

There's no limitations in script's functionality, just a way to pay


How to use

1. - add domains , as many as you want

2. add money

3. В There are 2 links right next to domain's name

When you click at Subscription - your account will be charged $4.99 and a new license is being generated. It takes some time so please, be patient. When the process is done new license will be sent to your email and also available for download at Also once a day the script checks if there's a new key for your domain, so even if you don't upload paid license , the script will download it automatically.

Subscription licenses are limited by date. Let's say today is 5 of Nov, so subscription expires at 5 Dec. If you don't cancel it will 5th of Dec , we will charge you 4.99 and generate a new license. In fact real lifetime of a license is 2 days longer (till 7 Dec in our example), so if you copy can cot connect to server for some reason - it will try 2 more times and if it fails it will start to work as a regular free version.

Subscriptions for version 1.х

You can also use subscription mechanism for version 1.X , and that's the only reason to release a new update 52 (version 1.52) so it can automatically download new licenses.

You can use the same license file with version 1.51 but you have to upload license files manually.

The license key should be in scj folder

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