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Out Parameters

Standard set of options.

Base link is sent to trade


Direct link to trader


Permanent link


(serfer always gets to content on this link, if another link is not pointed in Default Skimming or Trader Personal Skiming)

Skimming(i.e. when part of clicks go to trade instead of going to real content)


, 60 – it’s for content (if nothing else is pointed or mentioned in settings)



Let’s have a look at a link – in 60% of cases we get to URL, in the rest 40% - to trades, but only from teen group.

&p_group=60 -  send only to a certain  group in 60%  of cases, in the rest of cases  send  to all the groups. 
&fc=1 -  always send the first click to content,  (&fc=2 –always send the second click to content and so on) 

Work with a built in link rotator . Most of the serfers have learned to cut galery’s url from the line to script (out.php?url=…) and inserting it to their browser, avoiding themselves from getting to trade. Link example


That means that script takes random url from teens.url file and we send serfer to it . Urls don’t repeat after subsequent clicks, if all the urls from the files have been clicked - serfer goes to trades.


Skip Traffic Sell system (Traffic Rules)

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