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Tube (CMS Pages) Settings


Redirect incoming hits to niche pages ? Based on Referer - SmartCJ can automatically redirect incoming traffic to appropriate category depending on a referrer. But for this feature to work name of your category should be somewhere in referrer. Ie if referer = and you have a category named 'Test' - traffic will be redirected, but if your category is named 'Big test' - it won't.

Custom Redirects, format: keyword|niche_name - this feature adds some functionality to the feature above. For example you want to redirect hits from to Big test. You have to add 'test|Big test'

Trade by groups

Let's say we have a multiniche site and we want to trade by niches ie send from a niche page to traders who are from the same group. In this case we have to add &group=… parameter to out links. But if we use rewrites and our links look like /gallery/cool_gal/index.html - it could be not very nice to add some other words to links (like /gallery/current_group/cool_gal/index.html + we have to change rewrite a bit to pass those parameters to out.php). That's why another option exists.

If you use default rewrites that means you have category links like /category/123/asian/ or /category/asian/, ie if someone clicks in this category - we will see category name in referrer.

So to use this feature you have to

  1. create trade groups with the same names as rotation groups. You can do it with 1 click in Rotation - Groups (Copy To Trade Groups)
  2. add traders to appropriate groups
  3. Rotation - settings switch on “Niche trade”
  4. that's it :)

Sell by groups

Similarly to “Trade by groups” you can also sell traffic by groups. Usually in Traffic Rules - Traffic Sell we have URL to broker like and all of your sold traffic goes to the same URL. But if you could sell traffic from /category/japanese/ to let's says (actual URL depends on broker you work with) broker could give you better price.

To do it we add group parameter {GROUP} to sell URL ({GROUP}) But we still have one issue: what if broker doesn't have niche name 'japanese' and instead has a niche named 'tube_asian'. To fic this we have in Rotation - Settings a field 'Niche traffic sell' where you can fix it


where tube_asian - name of this niche at boker's site, and  Japanese,Asian - our groups, separated by comma
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