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It doesnt work !

Contact me and explain problem, but first of all make sure :

  • You've done all update, may be your bug is already fixed
  • Take a look at FAQ and Troubleshooting
  • Please, give me as much details as you can.

Thank you.

SmartCJ doesn't count hits properly

Check incoming hits

Edit common.php and add the following code

$f = fopen('path_to/log.txt', a);
fputs($f, date('H:i') . " {$_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]} \n");

create file log.txt and chmod 666 it

As you can see the script is really easy, there's nowhere to make an error

Compare numbers from the log file with the script

Check clicks

  • create log file and chmod 666 it
  • add into common.php
if ($_COOKIE['from'] == '') {
	$f = fopen('path_to_/log.txt', a);
	fputs($f, date('H:i') . " {$_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]} \n");

where - traders you want to check

It redirects me somewhere else ..

HTTP protocol (this is how browser communicates with remote server) consists of 2 parts: headers and body. Body is what you actually see in your browser, while headers hold some system information.

Script has special debug mode to see what it does.

  1. set Settings -Cjsettings - add debug info = yes, wait a minute
  2. Get FireFox browser and add extension (Tools-addons) Live HTTP Headers
  3. Click on any link and take a look at headers

Usually those headers are self explained , I just have to notice that something link


is a redirect.

Admin area gives me an error like " ... is protected by SourceGuardian and requires the SourceGuardian loader ixed.5.2.fre .... "

Script requires free PHP optimizer SourceGuardian. Installation: /scj/ixed/howto-install.php Website:

out.php doesnt work (Please, refresh page in a minute)

  1. make sure crontab job is setup (make a look at Main tab in admin)
  2. file common.php contains a path to scj folder. If you moved script from one host to another - make sure path in that file is right.
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