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TS Group Settings

Import Galleries : Yes , SmartCJ will parse tube site and add thumbs to your DB.

Import Thumbs : All - add all available thumbs, Main - only main thumb, this thumb is usually hand-selected by the owner of tube site and has good quality, but all other sites use it. There may be “screenshots”, but you can also find good unique thumbs among them.

Add to : add new thumbs to : Preview - adds to Rotation - Preload so you can select good thumbs later. Pool and Active - adds straight to DB. Pull - if you gonna use 'shift rotation method', active - is a simple way rotation.

Filter Keywords : this is a MAIN field here. You have to setup keywords for each category, script adds thumbs to each categories based on this settings. It's easy to image it as if you do a search at each tube with these keywords. basic syntax is easy “hello -world” - look for movies with description that has 'hello' but dont have 'world'.

Tubes : list of tubes you want to parse. Script parses all tube site by default.

Crop Profile : crop profile Rotation Crop Profiles

Script parses tubes once a day. (you can force this event by clicking 'Regrab now' in group settings)

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