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External Thumb Rotators

If you decide to use external rotators take a look at these hints

Smart Thumbs

1. Settings → General Settings

Set: Url encode / encrypt URL - No Thumb trade script urls: /out.php?url=#url#&p=#skim#

2. At this point you have 2 options

  • ST :: Settings → General settings : Output files - set 'main.html'

SmartCJ :: Settings → CJPages : type path to main.html, copy scj/cgi/index.php to the root of your domain(Start Here)

ST creates main.html with thumbs, while SmartCJ shows this file as index.

  • ST :: Settings → General settings : Output files - set 'index.shtml'

Add to ST template after </head>

<!--#include virtual="/scj/cgi/include.php?${QUERY_STRING}"-->

Stream Rotator

0. Make sure you've done Start Here ( copy index.php, out.php and common.php)

1. Create file main.php

<?php include("streamrotator/in.php");?>

and upload to the root of your domain.

2. Settings→CJpages type PATH to main.php

Link in subtemplate of Stream should be like


Rolling Thumbs

RT can read SmartCj logs so all you have to do is

  1. install RT to the same DB as SmartCJ
  2. in RT settings change Log type : SmartCJ
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