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About Rotation

Well, what is rotation ? It's a process that helps you to show best thumbs at your index page. Basically what you have to do is to add thumbs and script will select best of them and create index page with these thumbs.

SmartCJ rotates thumbs based on link (&link= parameter) stats. This kind of rotation doesnt load your server and doesnt slow down your site. Let's see what happens when you use external rotator:

  1. Surfer clicks at a link like /rotator.php?thumb=123&url=http…..
  2. it take some time to send a request from surfer to server, rotator processes this click and send a response back to surfer (it also takes some time)
  3. Usually rotator redirects surfer to out script of trade script. So you have to do actions 1-2 again.

If you use internal rotation only actions 1 and 2 are processed.

SmartCJ has 2 main actions: rotate thumbs (recreate pages) ans shift.

Rotation is when script takes all active thumbs, sorts them by CTR, processes template and saves results to file.

Shift is when script takes X worst thumbs (by CTR) , moves it to Old and takes X new thumbs from pool.

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