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System Traders

There are several system trades in the script. They are reflected in the second table, which is placed below the table with your trades. You can’t delete system trades. At present time we have :

Exout – Can have outs only

Noref – hits without referrer. This system trade can have outs if you redirect such traffic, and clicks of such serfers.

Nocookie – There can be clicks and outs. Clicks mean that the serfer clicks without cookie. Outs mean that the traf is being redirected somewhere without cookie in accordance with the settings.

Notrade – In Hits from domains you don’t trade with. Here can be clicks as well. These are the clicks of the serfers that have come from domains you don’t trade with. And here can also be outs if you redirect it somewhere. Cheat_url – there can be outs only if you redirect clicks, which are considered to be a cheat by script.

Proxy_url – outs only, if clicks are redirected due to proxy.

in_redirect , out_redirect - outs only if you redirect incoming hits or some clicks in accordance with Traffic Rules Settings.

SE – traffic from search-systems. There can be both in hits and clicks. Blocked Ref - clicked w\o referer or if referer field has another domain name then you site.

OverClick - all clicks from all traders after 'Max Clicks Count' CJ Settings

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