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New Rotation Content

How to add content , create different types of galleries. You can see demo of all types here, you can also use all types of galleries within one site.

Reminder: embedded galleries (custom galleries) - galleries created from some content at your server (your galleries), external galleries - galleries at other hosts (FHG for example).

When you add content it takes sometime to process it. When you import galleries they are added with status “to_grab” so you won't see it right away. Then gallery_grabber processes galleries and add to active. Please, be patient.

Note All galleries are dynamic, that means you will not file real files like /gallery/cool_gallery/index.html on FTP. Those links are virtual, galleries are created 'on-the-fly'. it's fast and very useful for adds and so on.

Basic FHG - it's regular links to FHG (Regular Links 2 FHG in Demo). External galleries. Why you would like to use new rotation here ? usually you'll get links like /out.php?url= With new rotation you'll get links like /gallery/cool_gallery/index.html

Example, script will create thumbs from gallery

pattern: URL

if you have ready made thumbs - add it to import string and pattern

pattern: URL|thumb_url

Sponsor FLV Embed - you can create custom galleries from sponsor's content and even hotlink movies from sponsor's host. There are 2 options:

Sponsors gives you embedded code (usually starts with <embed or <object or <script), for example many tube sites. This video will be embedded in your site so you can show your ads at the same page plus you dont waste your bandwidth.

pattern: Embed Code|thumb_url

Also sponsor can give you url to flv or mp4 video file.

pattern: FLV URL|thumb_url

Note, there some options. In this example we already have a thumb for movie. If you dont have - set Parse Video = Yes, and script will create thumbs. Make sure you have path to Mplayer in Rotation - Settings.

How Many Thumbs from each gallery ? = ie How Many Thumbs do you want to create for this video.

Also in this example we give just 1 thumb and this thumb will be a thumb for rotation + preview thumb (image you see before movies starts to play). If you want to add separate thumb as a preview image - select FLV Preview in Pattern.

Custom Galleries From FHG

You can create custom galleries (ie galleries at your host) from sponsor's FHGs. Use section Create Custom Galleries. Example:

In this example script will take all content from http://sponsor/some_gallery.html and create custom gallery at your host. Grab Options = DL All, means script will download all content (all images and movies from gallery) to you server (note, you can host content at separate server, not the same where script is). Other options here - hostlink all, and hotlink only big content (ie big images and movies). Usually you need Dl All option. You can see example in demo (FHG Embed Hotlink , FHG Embed Half и FHG All Hosted)

Also you can limit content type by using Add only this type of content - sometimes FHG's has both images and movies, but if for some reason you want only one type of content - set it here. 99% - you dont have to select anything here.

Crop Profile - note that we use 2 different Rotation Crop Profiles. We create these 2 crop profiles in advance in Rotation - Settings - Crop profiles, because we need thumbs of 2 sizes. One for main pages of our site (135×180) and another one for custom galleries (180×200). In field “Script will create thumbs using Crop Profile” we use crop profile 135×180, while for thumbs for custom galleries we use 180×200.

Embed Template basically there are some template for each type of content ie for flash galleries, image and movie galleries. And script will choose proper template for gallery type (autodetect in this example). But you can have more then 1 template for each content type. For example, you want completely different design of custom galleries for sponsor1, and another design for sponsor2 - you can add your templates in Rotation - CMS and select it when you import content.

Limit Image content size - basically script download big images for image galleries “as is”, but if you want to show surfer such big images - you can setup max size of image here. If image size more then you setup - script will resize it.

Interesting about import content

  • If you dont have ready-made thumbs - script can create it from almost any content.
  • If you have ready-made thumbs - select 'Thumb' in pattern. If you have more then 1 thumb - separate with comma.
  • Script can Parse video, ie create thumb from video files, but you need mplayer (type path to it in Rotation - Settings)
  • You can host content of custom galleries at separate host, but this functionality available in paid version only

Import: Tag based and Filter keywords

When you import galleries you have to select a group. But there are 2 special options

  • Tag based - select groups based on tags. ie if you have a group 'car' and new gallery has a tag 'car' it will be added to that group.
  • Filter keywords - script will search for those keywords in description+title+tags. Format: | = OR , space = AND , - = NOT. For example, car|truck -moto means 'there is should be a word car OR truck AND should NOT be moto '. You you can use brackets to create complex conditions, for example (car|truck) (red|white)

Script searches keywords as a part of any word, but you can limit it

““ if you want to find 2 words together , for example “word1 word2” will work in this case word1 word2 zzzz, but won't for word1 zzz word2, as in this case those 2 words are not together.

^ = a word starts with for example word works both for words and prewords, caz both of those words has 'word' inside it. If you need exactly word you have to use ^word - and script will find word, words and so on, but not preword

$ = a word ends with the same as ^ but for the end of word

scj_unfiltered - if you import galleries using filter keywords - some galleries might not get into the DB, due to keywords. You can create a group 'scj_unfiltered' and all those galleries will be added to that group, so you can look into it later and adjust keywords.

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