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New Rotation Step By Step

Basically any site consists of at least 2 pages: index (with list of thumbs or list of categories or both) and X pages with list of thumbs for each category. You can also have galleries created by SmartCJ (Demo You can also add use registration, favorites, votes, comments and so on. It's all available but to simplify process right now we will work with basic templates only.


Basically there are 2 types of galleries: embedded and external. External - this is regular FHG. Embedded - galleries created by SmartCJ. Script can create custom galleries from sponsor's FHG (download all content from FHG and create new gallery at your domain with your design), from flv files, actually from any content. You can use both types of content at one site (Demo


  • Rotation → Settings turn it on ( Rotation = On )
  • Rotation - Groups : Create groups (categories, niches) for your site, minimum 1, maximum - unlimited.
  • Copy (!!! copy, not move, do not delete source) to the root of your domain index.php and common.php from scj/cgi
  • Create .htaccess at the root of your domain (NOTE If you use nginx or lighttpd - ask admin to add those rules to config file) and add rewrite rules Install. Those rewrites are for version 2.X (TCMS)
  • Settings - CJPages: type PATH (not URL, you need PATH!!!) to scj/tube/index.php (for example /usr/home/user/
  • Add content new_rotation_content in Rotation - Import, the process of adding content in maintenance - logs (gallery_grabber.log)
  • in few minutes you should see content in Rotation - List thumbs
  • then you should see you site up and running
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