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New Rotation Settings

Most options are self-explanatory but some of them should be explained a bit more

Alt out

You can use external trade script (ETS).

First of all, ETS should somehow count incoming hits. Usually it's done by including something like <? include('/path_to_another_script/in.php') ?> into your templates.

Then each click has to go through SCJ out.php so SCJ can count clicks at thumbs, and the scj_out.php redirects to ETS_out.php and ETS_out.php decides where to send a click: gallery or trade. You have to specify ETS out.php in Rotation - Settings - Alt Out like /url__to_ETS/ETS_out.php?url={URL}

So usually it looks like this:

/scj/out.php?url=http://gallery.html → SCJ counts clicks at thumbs and redirects to /url_to_ETS/ETS_out.php?url=http://gallery.html

As you can notice {URL} is being replaced by an actual gallery URL.

Alt out and custom galleries

Let's say we have an URL like http://domain/gallery/gallery_slug/index.html and this is a custom gallery. W\o rewrites it looks like scj/out.php?url=content&slug=gallery_slug - so if SCJ decides to send to a trader - it redirects right away. Otherwise it can load 'gallery_slug' from DB and show a gallery.

When we use ETS and user clicks at http://domain/gallery/gallery_slug/index.html this click is being sent to scj/out.php?url=content&slug=gallery_slug, SCJ counts hits and redirects to /url_to_ETS/ETS_out.php?url=http://domain/gallery/gallery_slug/index.html and let's say ETS_out.php decides to send to a gallery (http://domain/gallery/gallery_slug/index.html). As you can see at this point we ran into an infinite redirect.

So what to do

By default you use alt out we add &ao to gallery's URL and SCJ redirects to ETS_out.php?url=http://domain/gallery/gallery_slug/index.html?ao

In this case when ETS_out.php redirects back to SCJ we know that we have to show a gallery, not redirect to ETS_out.php

Category Boost \ Separate Thumb CTR

By default gallery's CTR is the same for all categories but there's a way to have a separate CTR for each category

Rotation Settings - Boost gallery CTR in category, %

This way each thumb gets CTR for each category and total CTR at the same time. For example, a thumb got showed 10 times, with 1 click at index page, 2 clicks in category A and 3 in category B.

so total CTR = (1+2+3)/10 = 0.6

with Category Boost = 50 (50%),

For category A (1+2*1.5+3)/10 = 0.7

For category B (1+2+3*1.5)/10 = 0.75

Wilson Interval for Rating

This is a better way to sort galleries based on rating (votes). Let's say we have 2 galleries: id 1 has 10 votes (9 likes and 1 dislike) , ie appove rating is 90% , while another has just 1 positive vote so approve is 100%. But we are are more confident that id 1 is better then id 2 because it have 10 votes, while id 2 may have just one random accidental vote. So we can place id 1 higher even thou id 2 has 100% approval rate. It is called Wilson score confidence interval.

The downside here is that if you want to output rating next to the gallery it'll look like it sort is wrong.

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