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Rotation Tags

Each gallery has some tags. You can see a list of all tags in Rotation - Tags. If you do not assign tags during Import of galleries - tags will be autocreated using words from gallery's description.

If a gallery has a tag , let's say 'car', that gallery will be shown on tags' galleries list (http://domain/?tag=car)

You can output a tag cloud , ie list of most used tags



  • only active tags will be included in this cloud (we don't want 10 000's of tags in this cloud)
  • status 'delete' means - do not add this tag to gallery's tags even if it's in gallery description or set of tags
  • you can replace tags. Lets say galleries can have 2 tags 'car' and 'cars' which is actually the same. let's say you want to leave 'car' only , you can set status 'delete' for tag 'cars' so next time when you add a gallery with tag 'cars' that tag will be replaced with the tag 'car'

Tag could:

  • top 10% tags can be selected in Rotation - Tags
  • Tags from Tags Blacklist
  • is autogenerated every 30 minutes


Whitelist is basically a prefilter, ie only words from this list will be added added to gallery's tags



ie if you add a gallery with tag “tag2_synonym1” - tag “tag2” will be added as a gallery tag.

There 2 special characters ^(beginning of the word) and $(end of the word).

For example: is you have a word 'bus' in your whitelist it would be triggered off for with 'bus' and 'busty', ie script searches for a tag anywhere to get things like 'car and cars' . But you can limit it by adding those special chars. ^bus$ works for 'bus' only. bus$ - works for 'bus' and 'superbus'. ^bus - works for 'buses', but does not for 'superbus'.

Tags' thumbs

Script can select best thumb for each tag , this feature if off by default. You can turn it on in Rotation - Tube - Settings.

When tags' thumbs are created you can see them in Rotation - List thumbs. To output it

<tag_cloud num=1-10>
<!--TAG_NAME--> <!--THUMB_URL--> <br>

Best thumbs are selected for active tags only.

Rotate Tag Thumbs

You can also rotate tags' thumb

<tag_cloud num=1-10 order=clicks>
<a target=_blank href='/tag/<!--TAG_NAME-->/?<!--THUMB_LINK-->'><img src='<!--THUMB_URL-->'></a>

To track those clicks you have to replace default rewrite

RewriteRule ^tag/(.*)/$ /scj/tube/index.php?tag=$1


RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.+)$ 
RewriteRule ^tag/(.*)/$ /scj/cgi/out.php?link=images/%{QUERY_STRING}&url=content&p=100&skip_to_cookie=true&skip_sell=true&tag=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^tag/(.*)/$ /scj/tube/index.php?tag=$1
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