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Trade Edit

Personal Data – personal trader's data and signup IP.

domain: the domain of the site you're starting a trade with.

url: the url where you're going to send traffic to. The domain must appear in the url.

icq: the icq number of the other webmaster. if you select 'icq option' at Settings→ CJSettings Display config you can see icq preset messages popup near each trader and send preset icq messages with 1 click.

Ratio is self-explained but I have to add about “VIP trade - keep ratio”. That means script tries to hold ratio for this trade - forces if trade needs more hits and suspend trade if trade gets more hits than ratio.

Site Name and Site Description - for toplist templates.

Fast Force NOW - traders gets max priority and script trys to send this amount of hits ASAP.

IN Trade Type - what kind of data should we take for 'owed' formula:

  • Row
  • Unique
  • Average - an avareage between row and uni.

Recommended - Unique.

Trade Type - actually this is formula used to calculate anmount of owed hits.

  1. Normal - owed = in * ratio * prod – out.
  2. Capped - in * ratio – out
  3. Real Prod - in * ratio * prod (click to trade only) – out
  4. TD type = (in+click)/2 - out

Recommended - Normal.

Include in Toplist - you can exclude from top list some urls like TDS, pay-per-click sponsors and so on

Use Limit Ratio hereis simplу example how it works

10 in, 2500% prod. ratio - 130
trade type capped at 130% (10*1.3) = 13 out
trade type normal at 130% = (10*1.3*2.5) 32.5 out
limit ratio at 200% + normal trade = (prod > 200%  mean we have to use limit ratio) - 20 out 

Personal Trade Scheme – u - send to url, t - to trade. For example, uttuut – means first click goes to url, 2 and 3 trade, 4 and 5 - to url, 6 - trade.

Send info about visited traders – this is very usefull feature for some niches. Using it 2 copies of SmartCJ can send info about visited traders. For example, you have 2 domains : and, that trades between each other. And for example domain trades both with and . Surfer goes to and makes few clicks. Script sends it to Surfer makes one more click and script decides to send him to But script add some piece of informtion to url, so script at knows that this surfer already visited

Eligible for Exout hits exout hits is hits over owed hits. let's say we have 2 traders: A - we owe us some hits, B - he owes us some hits. Surfer's first click - we send him to trader A. When surfer clicks a second time - we can send him to trader B (but he already owes us) or to exout url from settings. If trader has 'Eligible for Exout hits' on - he will get hits even if he owes us, you can switch on\off this depending on trader's traffic.

Trader Groups - Special Urls

You can select trader's groups using checkboxes. Also there is very usefull feature to multiniche sites. Fo example, you have a page teen.html at your multiniche site and there's a trader, that also has page like teen.html. If you send hits from your teen page to his teen page - that grows your external productivity.

Here is how to use this:

  1. at teen.html setup links using group parameter, for example out.php?group=teen&url….
  2. Edit trader and add personal url for group teen (

So if you send w\o group parameter - script sends to main trader's url. If there's group parameter in request - script checkes if there's personal page for this trader and this group.

Easy Forces limit, Normal Boost limit, Personal Boost limit

Фактически 3 группы спец форсов. В общих настройках мы можем выделить опредленный % траффика (всех кликов) которые будут попадать на каждый из форсоф. Например, Easy - 5%, Normal - 10% , personal - 15%, те в целом будет на все эти форсы будет уходить 30% кликов, что конечно много, но для примера ок.

После этого мы можем трейдеров временно выделять в группы например Easy Forces, например выделили туда 2 трейдера - они между собой поделили 5% траффика (2.5% каждому). Других трейдеров мы можем выделить в Normal Boost группу. В группе Personal Boost может быть только 1 трейдер.

Таким образом это возможность форсить каким-то трейдерам в тех пределах траффика который вы считаете будет ок, дабы не влиять на основной трейд. Те если форсить например 100 хитов в час трейдеру то в какой-то час это может быть 10% траффика, а когда-то 20%. Со специальными группами форсов мы форсить не конкретное кол-во, а именно % от общего кол-ва кликов.


There are some site type you can select for each trader in Edit - Other options - Specials.

Site type - CJ SmartCJ can fetch your stats from trader's script and display at Trade screen in trader's popup (when you move your mouse over trader's domain name).

Toplist - SmartCj tries to calculate reset time for this toplist and displays it in trader's popup


This option affects both trade and rotation and could be useful for master-slave site, at least give it a try. here's what it does: When surfer clicks at thumb at site1 he expects to see content. Be due to skimming sometimes he sees another trader. If you run master-slave scheme you can show expected content at another site of your network. So if surfer clicks at some thumb of embedded content (custom gallery) and script decides to send him to trade and this trader is a part of your network - script can send him to content but at trader's site.

Surfer gets to be more loyal to you + he can click at “related thumbs” at custom gallery at one of you network sites. For sure this will give you lower external productivity (ie will show less productive traffic from but you compensate it by setting higher return ration for your sites.

How it works: when surfer clicks at any thumb and script decides to send this click to trade it checks Trader Edit - Other settings - Specials (Site type) and it it's a 'tube' - script sends this hit to trader as Script at sees that 'try' parameter and checks DB for that it. If it has it (for sure it has it if it's a master-slave site) it shows content.

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