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Cron Settings

Crontab - is a part of any *NIX OS. It runs some programs at defined time. Smart Trade Script uses it to collect and optimize stats

If you see notine “check crontab” in Main tab that means you have to check crontab . It should be like

 copy from here: */1 * * * * cd /path_to_scj/bin/; env /path_to_php/php -q cron.php

If you use internal thumbs rotation engine also all this

 copy from here: */1 * * * * cd /path_to_scj/bin/; env /path_to_php/php -q rot.php

If you havea lot of domains at one server

it's a good idea to spread load across a minute. Create file and add there all tasks ( without * and with & at the end ) for example

  cd /path_to_scj/bin/; env /path_to_php/php -q cron.php &
  sleep 2
  cd /path_to_scj2/bin/; env /path_to_php/php -q cron.php &

Change sleeptime so all of your tasks are executed within 1 minute, it's important.

and add this file to crontab

*/1 * * * * cd /path_to_sh_file/ ; sh

NOTE total amount of sleep seconds should be less then 59, if you have more lines - add sleeps each 2 lines for example.

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