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Does not count CTR

First of all lets check if you have 'thumb shows'

You don't have 'thumb shows':

  1. Count systems traders (noref, notrade and so on) in Rotation - rotation. So make sure you have trade traffic, not only noref, notrade and so on. Of make those treade as countable.
  2. Make sure you don't have warnings at your Home page, especially 'proxy warning', if yes - fix it
  3. While testing you can switch to a regular file cache, sometimes if the cache is overwhelmed it can lose records
  4. make sure you pass domain name in your crontab job


Either you have magic rotation on OR you have rotation parameter in URL

How to check magic rotation:

  • Magic rotation counts hits based on referer, so make sure your browser passes Referer. how_to_view_http_headers - check headers. There's a known issue httpS→ http so check your links
  • “Magic rotation and skip_cache” sometimes people test site with `skip_cache` to see changes right away, but if you disable cache - the script doesn't write hits, so just test w\o it
  • Enable settings - cjsettings - debug out.php and check headers, most likely you can get some hints from header why the hit was not counted

Rotation parameter if you use rotation parameter - make sure it has been passed to out.php. Sometimes when you change rewrite you can forget to pass that parameter.

How to check: create links w\o rewrites. Check headers: how_to_view_http_headers - You should see a header like 'Click-count-action' that says that the hit was counted.

Can not parse template

99% - you have an error in your template. If you take a careful look at the error 99% you'll find out what's wrong. For example, your are trying to include file that does not exists and so on.

if you don't understand where the error is - try to remove all your php code from a template and then add it back in parts checking the result each time you add a new line. This way you can find out what causes the error.

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