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Traffic rules

Allows you to redirect incoming hits or clicks to certain urls depending on different circumstances.


Allows you to set the rules for incoming hits, for example if you want to redirect some hits without making them come to the trade’s page. Note that incoming hits can be redirected only if you use the variant of setting off the hits with original index.php SmartCJ. If you count hits using include (<!–#include virtual='/scj/cgi/include.php'–>), this option won’t work.


Var - is a variable, according to the value of which redirect will take place. For instance , HTTP_REFERER, HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE or GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE Value - the value of the variable. For example, or ru. Redirect URL –is an url, where this traffic has to be redirected.

Full example:

value =
Redirect URL =
Redirecting all the hits  from google  to sponsor at once.


It is set by analogy to Incoming, except for the presence of Click parameter. This parameter allows to point the click number that will be redirected.


value =
click = 3
Redirect URL =
Redirecting each 3rd click to sponsor.

P.S . If you use GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE and other mod_geo variables - make sure that mod_geo is installed. To do this open page /scj/admin/test.php and try to find there GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE. If you failed - contact the admin to install the corresponding module for apache.

Traffic Sell

You can automatically sell some % of your out clicks.

Sell URL - URL where you want to send traffic

All Traders - default settings for all clicks. There are 2 settings: % of sold trade clicks and % of sold gallery (content) clicks. You can setup personal settings for each trader (101 - means use default settings).

Clicks Estimated - at the bottom of the table show ~ amount of clicks you ganna sell (these numbers are based on last 24h stats)

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