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Quality Settings

To get a full quality assessment of the traffic from trader Quality Settings exist. For example, if a trader sends you Chinese or Russian traffic you can not count such clicks or count them with discount. You can also do the same thing when counting clicks through proxy and with JS turned off.

Example. A trader sent a serfer that has made 10 clicks, all these clicks go through proxy (Proxy Discount– 20%).That means that only 8 (10 clicks – 20%) clicks will be counted to the trader.

In our case we’ve decided that China (ch) and Russia (ru) - are the less solvent countries and would like to give less to traders, sending such traffic. In our example we’ll estimate a user’s page by browser’s language. This is the variable - HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE. Insert

Env. variable name  = HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE.

Add Quality Set:
Value = ru
Discount % = 30

Serfers with Russian languauge will be counted with 30% discount.

You can also see Skimming Parameter - this is personal skimming for those conditions. Ie if you have

Value = ru
Discount % = 30
Skimming  = 40

it means if someone comes this language RU his clicks will be counted with 30% discount and default skiming will be 40%.

Skimming 101 means 'do not use this value', ie use &p= or Settings→CJSettings : Default Skimming

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