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Update 46

Trade part

  • Add trade : multiadd , add a list of urls and script will add all of them as traders with the same settings
  • Backups : now backups are created using regular mysqldump utility, Check Settings - Other settings - Mysqldump path
  • Skimming - you can add trader domain in skimming string. Actually this is another way to sell traffic. Let's say you add traffic broker as '', set it inactive, then set default skimming to '100,50,,60' - this means first click 100% to content, second click - 50% skimming, 3rd click - to broker, all other clicks - 60% skimming.
  • Toplists are moved to DB. Before version 46 toplist templates were saved as files. Now - in DB. But toplist system was improved for multiniche templats

Rotation part

  • Custom Galleries : you can add more servers to store content. For example, you can store rotation thumbs at fast server, while content images\movies can be at slower one.
  • Rotation - Import : you can add galleries by uploading file (useful if you add a lot )
  • Rotation Grabber Proxy : basic authorization added
  • Rotation - Cell Stats : you can get separate stats for each template
  • Some columns are deleted for rot_galleries table saving some disk space
  • mod_rewrite URLS changed a bit: previously 'bad' characters was replaced with '_', now with '-' (due to google rules)
  • Custom galleries predefined meta tags: rotation - groups - Group Custom Phrases (PATH to file). When script creates custom gallery it takes 1 random string from this file and adds to 'meta description' field of each gallery. This description will be NOT changed later (permanent field), so if you use it - SE will index this pages with this description
  • Rotation Groups - massdelete added
  • Rotation Tags - you can edit tags (and actually tag cloud) in rotation - tags
  • Rotation - Sponsors : sites are grouped by sponsor. Should be comfortable.
  • Rotation - checker - optimized for big DBs.
  • Rotation - Special - Recreate mode (Recreate visited pages) - Script will set a secret cookie to your browser, each page that you visit on your site will be created (&skip_cache= analogue), Active for 10 hours, your can deactivate it any time.
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