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Update 33

  1. Trade Screen: lots of AJAX features added (try to: click on trader's number, ratio, forces and so on)
  2. Trade Communication System - right click on any trade for popup menu with ICQ messages (script can send predefined messages like 'Low prod', 'Trade Added' and so on)
  3. Easy and Fast Trade Add - add new trade with 1 (!) click, no need to copy\paste each field
  4. Signup tickets - very useful if your signup form is closed, you can create a ticket for another webmaster.
  5. Active and Inactive Traders are divided, you can disable inactive traders table in Settings
  6. Manual thumb creatin from Movies
  7. Select sites by Trader's Nickname
  8. AntiCheat : Cheat Lookup→Settings : Block every IP that appears more than times in the incoming IP, Block every IP that appears more than times in the outgoing IP
  9. Rotation: Lots of updates
  10. Sponsors\Site - for handy galleries managment
  11. RealTime Cell K calculation - consider cell CTR for thumb rotation
  12. Thumb Crop Profiles - easy FHG cropping
  13. Alternative thumb hosts - faster thumb loading (actually whole page loads up faster)
  14. Realtime FTP test in Rotation settings
  15. Advanced MassEdit - Unlimited search and replace function, much better then regular S&R
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