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Update 28

1. New field - Bookmarks. Shows %% of users from this trader who returned to your site within 1 week without referer. (Settings - Display Config [Bookmark Field] )

2. A bit modified Googel PR and Alexa traffic checker to prevent from being banned. Now new traders are checked every 3 days, new traders are checked instantly.

3. Trader thumbs - you can add thumbs to traders top. Script takes random thumb from the first 10 thumbs on the trader's main page and saves it as scj/top/tt/trader_domain.jpg. For example, for domain filename will be scj/top/tt/

You can you it in toplists : <img src='/scj/top/tt/_MEMBER_1_.jpg'>

4. Script Proxy added to CJ Settings. This proxy is used for PR and Alexa checker and also may be usefull for future functions. It's nessesary to prevent Google\Alexa ban if you have more then 4-5 copies of SmartCJ at 1 IP.

5. New feature to be protected from hackers - script automaticaly checks your main pages and sends email if content has been chenged.

6. New system trader added - blocked_ref. If theres's no referer at out.php or referer has another domain then your own - script will count this hits as blocked_ref. You can send 100% of this hits to content or specific url, or leave it as is (ie trade\content settings as for all other surfers)

7. Analize 3 was a bit modified to be not so violent with traders :-)

8. New feature - autoforces, to keep some trades at appointed level. (Edit Trader)

9. New index.php, out.php and include.php (with support of new features)

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