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Updates help us and you to keep your copy in actual state. Updates contists of some changes to DB and files reflecting new features in script. To appaly an update to your script just click on Home at the top of you admin are and select an update. Make sure you apply updates step by step, do not skip updates. At the same page you can see your current version.

How to do update

  1. Click 'Home' tab
  2. Check message “You last update # ”
  3. Scroll down and check if you have any new updates
  4. Click on a link (link like Update 25)
  5. Follow instructions (usually run 1 command in SSH)

Update 48

Update 47

Update 46

Update 45

Update 44

Update 43

Update 42

Update 41

Update 40

Update 39

Update 38

Update 37

Update 36

Update 35

Update 34

Update 33

Update 32

Update 31

Update 30

Update 29

Update 28

  • run following commands in SSH
cd /path_to_scj/admin
env php update.php 

Multidomain Update

You can create a file with all your domains

cd /path_to_domain/scj/admin; env php update.php 
cd /path_to_domain2/scj/admin; env php update.php 

and so on and run it in SSH


This way you can update all domains at once.

Note: update script doesn't overwrite index.php or any other files at the root of your domain. So you have to copy index.php (if you use it). If you don't want to do it each time you have 2 options:

  1. add to something like “cp ../cgi/index.php ../../index.php ”
  2. or create a symlink to original scj/cgi/index.php

Update rollback

There's no built-in update rollback. The only chance is if you have created backup. Note, if you just restored mysql db - it won't help caz you still have the same files.

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