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Import Replacements

Rotation - Settings - Import Replacements you can add autoreplacements that will be used always when you import something, that means both Import and ImportSets and even TubeImport.

This is very useful to remove\replace some text in import, for example size of embedded video or some text in gallery description.

Example 1

xvideo has embedded cideos with width=400  while we need width=500

If this field 	= URL
Contains this value = xvideo 

ie this rules works only if we have 'xvideo' in URL 

Then Search For  width=400 (what we have in original format)
in This Field 	- embed code (width=400 is located in embedded code)
And Replace it With - 	width=500

Example 2

Let's say we have import like http://somesposnor/gallery/xxxx.html?id=25, while we need id=30.

If this field 	= URL
Contains this value = somesposnor
Then Search For  - id=25
in This Field 	- URL
And Replace it With - 	id=30
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