Update 49 (2012.05.01)

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Update 49 (2012.05.01)

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[news_title]Templates flexibility, separate descriptions and more[/news_title]

Update 49


Templates flexibility

Basically you can output just current thumbs, for example, on page http://domain/ you can only output thumbs from all categories

<thumb num=1-10></thumb> (or <!--default_1-10--> which is the same)

so you'll get first 10 thumbs by CTR from all categories, and that's ok becouse there's no other filters in URL, ie before update 49 you were able to setup filters in GET parameters only. Now you can filter thumbs right in templates:

<thumb sponsor=Myspon num=1-10></thumb>
or if you have a space in sponsor's name
<thumb sponsor="My spon" num=1-10></thumb>
or you can just use sponsor's id <thumb sponsor_id=5 num=1-10></thumb>

And exactly the same for categories

<thumb group=Mygroup num=1-10></thumb>
or category (group) ID <thumb group_id=5 num=1-10></thumb>


<thumb order=date group=Mygroup num=1-10></thumb>

You can also combine parameters

<thumb group=Mygroup sponsor=mysponsor num=1-10></thumb>

Note, you can give subtemplate right in this tag

<thumb group=Mygroup sponsor=mysponsor num=1-10> <a href='/gallery/<!--GALLERY_SLUG-->/index.html'><!--THUMB_URL--> </thumb>

But you have to note - tag filters are added to GET parameters and overwrites them.

Code: Select all

As you category page link like /category/super_name  is actually transformed by mod_rewrite into something like /?group_name=super_name

by default you have something like this in your template

<thumb num=1-10></thumb> 

you don't have to mention 'group_name' in tag's parameters because there's a GET parameter, that's why if you use tag

<thumb sponsor_id=5 num=1-10></thumb> 

this will output thumbs with sponsor_id = 5 AND group_name=super_name.
If you want to override it - add group parameter in tag

<thumb sponsor_id=5 group=mygroup num=1-10></thumb> 


It's not something new but worth to mention

<thumb sponsor_id=5 num=1-10></thumb>

This tag will output thumbs using subtemplate 'default', you can name subtemplate in tag

<thumb sponsor_id=5 num=1-10 template=my_tpl></thumb> (template=my_tpl here)

or by adding subtemplate itself into tag

<thumb sponsor_id=5 num=1-10> <a href=...> img src=<!--THUMB_URL--> </a></thumb>

Total amount of galleries <!--TOTAL_ITEMS-->

This example shows difference between main and additional tags. let's say you have page /category/cars/ and tag in template content_list


and we have 500 thumbs in this category.
Besides that we have category "games" and we would like to output 5 thumbs from this category. So we add

<thumb group=games num=1-5> <a href...> img src ... </thumb>, this thumb tag here is "additional", it adds thumbs besides main tag.

Let's say category "games" has 100 thumbs.
What's important here is tag TOTAL_ITEMS will still output 500 (total items in "cars" category), not 100 or 600.

Personal descriptions

As you know you can use master-slave scheme [[New Rotation Multidomain]], but (before 49) all slave sites have the same alt\descriptions as master site. With update 49 you can have separate descriptions for each site. Note, that it adds some load on server.

By default, even after update, script acts as usual ie the same descriptions for all slaves. If you want separate desciptions: at slave site go to rotation settings and click "Separate Desc". This way you'll be able to edit descriptions for each site separately. You can also synonymize all current descriptions at slave site by running SSH command

cd your_domain/scj/bin; env HTTP_HOST=yourdomain.com php rot.php synomize_all_descriptions=true

Note that it takes some time, list of synonyms is in the scj/includes/conf/syn.txt file.

Category Thumbs - second set

By default SmartCJ has so called category thumb, thumb of each category = best thumb in this category. Now we have 2 new options for this thumbs in Rotation - Tube - Settings:
- Thumb number nad Content type - create category thumbs ? and if "yes", what thumb should be category's thumb (first, second and so on)
- the same but SET2 - another set of category thumbs, ie you can have 2 set of category thumbs, for example, default set with content type = images, and set 2 with content type = movie;

To output set 2 use "set=2" for example

<category order=clicks num=1-10 set=2>

Note, creation of second set adds some load so you it wisely.

Tag and Model thumbs

Exactly the same as category thumb script can create thumbs for tags and models, settings are in Rotation - Tube - Settings.
example for models

Code: Select all


<models num=1-10>
<!--MODEL_NAME--> and you can add any thumb typical for thumbs for example <!--THUMB_URL--> 


ans the same for tags

Code: Select all


<tag_cloud num=1-10>
<!--TAG_NAME--> and you can add any thumb typical for thumbs for example <!--THUMB_URL--> 


Note: script create tag thumbs for active tags only, and it also adds load to server, so use it wisely.

There're also some attributes for model tags

Code: Select all

<models num=1-10 first_letter=a> models starting with "a"
<models num=1-10 gallery_count_min=20> has minimum 20 galleries
<models num=1-10 order=count_galleries> order by total galleries with this model
<models num=1-10 order=model_ctr> order by average CTR of model's galleries
<models num=1-10 order=ctr> order by CTR of this particular model thumb
Group (Category) Shift

As you probably know script can create appearance of updates with "shift" function (rotation - groups) and script will add some thumbs from "pool" to "active" each X minutes or clicks. Let's say we have 500 thumbs in category and we want to delete 5 worst thumbs every day and add new 5 from pool. Now you can use some options (triggers) for shift.

ACTION 1 - if you have MORE than X thumbs (500). Action 1 = delete not popular \ add from pool

Here is why we need "action 2", some script features can delete galleries [[Gallery Checker]] or [[Import Sets]] (type - deletion). This way you'll have less then 500 active thumbs, 498 for example. Here "Action 2" triggers. We can set "Action2" to "just add from pool" and script will just add new thumbs keeping total amount at 500.

Personal sponsor data

Before update 49 all sponsor's data was the same for all sites of your network, now you can also have separate descriptions, statuses and so on for each sponsors on each site.

Category (Group) Custom Name

We've fixed "category custom name" behavior. Now it's kind of slug for categories, so let's you have a category with name "Super!!&& pics" but we want links to be like /category/super_pics so we put "super_pics" as custom name and use in templates this


it's also useful with master-slave sites to have different links like /category/super_pics, /category/my_super_pics and so on for the same category.

Category tag limits

<category order=alphabet num=1-20 min_gallery_count=10>

Actually it self-explaining : output categories that have more then 10 galleries

Sponsor Boost Ratio

If you have fav sponsor you can boost his gall
Если у вас есть любимый спонсор, а вот тумбы у него не самые хорошие - есть возможность "придать ускорение" его тумбам. В редактировании спонсора есть поле Sponsor CTR boost - это % который добавляется к цтр тумб этого спона. Например, если у тумбы этого спона получился цтр 0.5, а буст у спонсора = 40 (что читается как 40%) то в базу будет записан цтр 0.5 * 1.4 = 0.7

Tags White list

It's list of keywords to be accepted as gallery tags. You can edit this list in Settings - Config files - tags_while_list. Formar

asian | japan | chineese
black | blackie | brown

means that if gallery has any of this words as a tag (or in description, for example if you add galleries w\o tags and script creates tags from description) it will be added as a gallery tag, in other case - skipped. But if script finds word "japan" it adds tag "asian". This way you can have a shorter tag list and therefore more galleries for each tag.

If this file is empty - everything works as it was before 49.

CMS Pages edit_area

Added plugin "edit_area". It's optional but very useful.

Thumb CTR - first click only

New test option: sometimes surfer can click on the same thumb more then once, for example, if he gets a trader instead of a gallery at the first click. Theoretically it affects thumb's CTR (another opinion - any thumb could get a second click so it doesn't affect trade) so you can set this option to "yes" and script will count first click only.

Category Thumbs - count click

By default, all click are counted into trader's productivity. So click at category thumbs are also counted yet they have 100% skimming. With this option you can decide count those clicks or not. (Rotation - Tube - Settings )

Category Thumbs - double click

Another test option: when user clicks on category thumb he usually search for the same thumb at category page. This way this thumb gets very good CTR, and even with Cell K it might "stick" to the top. If you switch it on script will not count clicks at the first thumb in category and thus this thumb will rotate more often.

Custom Galleries - new tags

New tags for custom galleries

Code: Select all

which hopefully are self-explained.

Mixed Custom Galleries

Also new tags for galleries itself

<!--MOVIE_1_THUMB--> - first movie
<!--IMAGE_1_THUMB--> first image
<!--FLASH_1_THUMB--> first flash

Old tags like <!--IMG_1... are also work but you never know what content type will be first in mixed galleries so this is important for designers.

Redirect incoming hits to niche pages

SmartCJ has a time-proven feature "Redirect incoming hits to niche pages" which redirects incoming hits based on referer. But by default script redirects to default category url like /category/1/niche/ctr/ and so on. If you have custom rewrites (for example /my_category/something/ ) you can setup those urls in Rotation - Tube - Settings : "Custom Redirect URL".

Tube Sponsor Next Click Skimming

Pretty interesting feature: let's say we have some tube-sponsors which pay by unique users only, so we dont get paid if we send the same user again. Using this feature you can set personal skimming for the next click if it's gonna be click to the same sponsor. Example:

You have a sponsor - supertube.com. Surfer clicks on it's thumb for the first time and script sends him to that tube. He clicks at another thumb BUT this thumb belongs to the same sponsor and it doesnt make money sense to send him to the same tube again so we can set personal skimming for this click to 0 and send him to trade.

Rotation - Settings - test options

PS 101 means 'default skimming' or you can also read it as 'do not use this function'

Delete galleries by URL

В Rotation - Special you can mass-delete galleries vy source URL, useful when you've got a lot of URLs by email for example.

Clicks to Sponsor Stats

В Rotation - Sponsors amount of clicks sent to each sponsor. Useful for pay-per-click sponsors.

Import Sets status

Added ability to pause ImportSets .

Separate Comments for Master\Slave

Basically you have common comments for master and slaves, but you can separate comments now. Maybe useful for SE purposes.
Rotation - CMS - Settings - "Separate comments from master ? "

Rotation Groups Tubeimport Update

Let's say you have filter keywords (tube import section). And in few days you realize that you need to add "-word1" to each keyword. You can do group massedit and add group with the same name , but different keywords. Script will not create new group with the same name, instead it will overwrite group settings.

Gallery Checker Update

Up to update 49 [[Gallery Checker]] checked galleries one by one and it was a problem in some way. Lets say you have 500k galleries and just 1k of them are actually at index page or any other really visited pages. Actually those 1-2-3k thumbs get 90% of traffic. But after script checked those best galleries it took awhile to check the rest meanwhile it was more important to check those top 1k then the rest 499k, caz 90% of surfers see top 1k.

Now we have 2 queues: "best" and "the rest" where best is the top 1k. Each time script runs a check it selects a gallery ether from 'best' queue or 'the rest'.
You can change probability of each in rotation - setting "Best queue check probability"


If you use sphinx you have to change sql string due to DB chnages

Code: Select all


       sql_query                               = SELECT id, date, tags, alt, description, duration, sponsor_id, rgroup FROM rot_galleries as g \
                                                         JOIN rot_gallery_stats AS gs ON g.id = gs.thumb_id WHERE status = 1 and gs.best_thumb = 'yes' and rgroup != 0

надо for version 49

        sql_query                               = SELECT id, date, tags, alt, description, duration, sponsor_id, rgroup FROM rot_galleries as g \
                                                          JOIN rot_gallery_stats AS gs ON g.id = gs.thumb_id JOIN rot_gallery_data AS gd ON gd.gallery_md5 = g.gallery_md5 WHERE status = 1 and gs.best_thumb = 'yes' and rgroup != 0


Quick network stats

If you use [[Global Admin]] you'll see new button 'N' near each trader in Trade menu, it shows network stats for this site.

Page Tracking

You can track trader's clicks at each page. You have to change a tag in template

Code: Select all

default tag

if you want to track hits\clicks at this page exactly change tag to somewhat like


And in awhile check stats in Trade - Stats - Page Track or S by each trade in Trade

Ie if you add SCJ_INCLUDE_myindex you'll get productivity exactly for this page. You can also edit gallery template and change to SCJ_INCLUDE_gallery and so on

There 2 additional (predefined) tags (caz different pages can be generated with one template)
* SCJ_INCLUDE_CATEGORY - to use in content_list template for example, CATEGORY will be replaced with current category.
* SCJ_INCLUDE_CURRENT_PAGE - CURRENT_PAGE will be replaced with current url.

Country Skimming

Settings - Quality Settings personal skimming for different groups of countries (good\normal\bad)

Blocked countries

You can block certain countries from being sent to some trader in trade Edit. Ie do not sent this countries to this trader.

Blocked traders

The same as countries but "do not send traffic from this traders to this trader "


Update 49 released !

New features: Templates flexibility, separate descriptions, model\tags thumbs and more[/scj_title]
Have you done script update ?

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