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 +====== User Vars ======
 +Very cool feature to detect checters, For example, 99% of hitbots can not emulate JS so what we have to do is count % of surfers w\o JS.
 +Include following code into your page:
 +<script language="javascript">
 +  var i,j,key;
 +  i = 0;
 +  j = 1;
 +  for(i=0;i < 20;i++) {
 +key = j + i + 20;
 +j = key - 10;
 +document.write("<img src=/scj/cgi/user.php?code="+key+" width=0 height=0>");
 +This code does following:  loads /scj/cgi/user.php with code calculated in this JS. As you see you can modify code in any way you what it to be. user.php compares this code with value from [[AutoAnticheat]]. As a resslt of this actions you can see % of loads with code at all and a % with wrong code. To see this field you have to add this column (user vars) to main screen [[Layouts]] .
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