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 +====== Update 45 ======
 +  * Trade: skim pattern new option: you cat set skimming for example as 100,​50,​sell,​70 - means first click always to content, 2nd - 50% skim, 3rd - sell traffic (Traffic Rules - Traffic Sell), 4th and all next clicks - 70% skim.
 +  * Trade: Edit Trade - new option 'Hold Place in toplist'​. Place trader at this place in top in spite of real rank. 
 +  * Rotation&​Trade:​ New trade type 'Feed Trade',​ there are 2 things about this trade type. First of all, script counts this traffic in separate row, so it doesn'​t affect main stats, and, second, we dont take into account clicks from this trade in rotation. This means that clicks from this trade doesn'​t affect thumbs rotation.
 +  * Rotation : Crop Profiles : there are 2 options when you create thumbs - script can create thumbs with size set in Rotation - Groups or size set in each Crop Profile.
 +  * Rotation : Tube Import: import embeded content only option
 +  * Rotation : Sponsors Menu updated
 +  * Rotation : New Rotation : Tube Settings 'Use main or ext thumb groups ?  ' - Main or Ext. As you can see in Edit of each thumb (rotation - list thumbs) there are 2 fields for thumb'​s group - main (where you can select only one group) and Ext (where you can select one and more groups). ​ '​Main' ​ is faster, lower load on server, but means less content for your site. Use Ext unless you see really high server load.
 +  * Rotation : Graber was combined with Rotation - Import. ​
 +  * Rotation : Graber checks for file MD5 sum to prevent from creation of the same thumbs. This is useful when sponsor gives you the same content with different urls. 
 +  * Custom Galleries
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