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 +====== Update 42 ======
 +  * New design of admin area, images are created as CSS sprites, admin area should load and respond much faster.
 +  * Limit Ratio : there'​s a new parameter Smooth limit ratio in Settings. Main idea is to use Smooth limit, let's say you have a limit ratio at 300%, trader will get the same priority till 300%, at 300% script will suspend trade till we get more hits from him. With Smooth Limit Ratio we can slowly lower limit ratio, so lets say trader has regular return ratio at 120 and limit ratio 300%, at 260% of return script will lower return ratio to 100% (was 120)
 +  * {{:​ru:​smooth_ratio.gif|}}
 +  * Limit Ratio: you can setup limit ratio right from Trade screen. Click at Limit Ratio column. Note, if you type 200 - script will setup '​inexact limit ratio',​ if you type !200 - strict limit ratio.
 +  * Trade Suspend : you can setup any range of hours (only limited by history length). Note, trade will be NOT suspended if he has forces.
 +  * Anticheat : checks WHOIS of trader'​s domains , looking for words from banned_words.txt (Settings -> config files)
 +  * Automatically detects external prod (your productivity at trader'​s site). (Trade Edit - Other) Actually this is test feature and only supports AT*, Proton\Progress\TP,​ GB. Once script gets external data you can see it in trader'​s popup. {{:​ru:​ext_stats.gif|}}
 +  * Alexa&​google PR libs are updated - Alexa has changed design. ​
 +  * 2 new force types are added: Normal Boost and Personal Boost. With Regular Forces trader gets max priority and top hits till he gets certain amount of clicks. Boost - this is a system when trader gets 'all clicks',​ not 'top clicks'​. Top clicks are usually first clicks of surfer at your site = most productive clicks. Normal Boost - в этой группе может состоять сколько угодно трейдеров. Допустим,​ в группе 3 трейдера,​ по сетингах ​
 +  * Normal Boost - 15%. You can have max 3 traders in this group. These 3 traders will get 15% of all clicks. Personal Boost - the same as Normal Boost, BUT only 1 trader can be in this group. ​
 +  * {{:​ru:​forces.gif|}}
 +  * Trade  by country quality : SmartCJ can trade based on country quality. Let's say trade sends you 50% of China traffic - script will try to return 50% of China to this trader. Check Settings - Quality Settings. Note, you have to select type of quality trade: based on discounts or 3way trade.
 +  * You can setup Boost Forces from Trade Screen. Add column Boost Forces in Settings - Layouts. Click at number in this column setup Boost force for certain amount of time, for example, "​10"​ - means 'add Normal Boost for 10 minutes'​. "​!10"​ - add Personal Boost for 10 minutes.
 +  * Trade - Stats click at any info to get more details.
 +  * {{:​ru:​geo_ip_stats.jpg|}}
 +  * Trade : new color selection plug-in
 +  * {{:​ru:​select_color1.jpg|}}
 +  * Home - Script Messages : now groups messages by type.
 +  * geo_ip.dat (GEO_IP DB) updated
 +  * History: Graph added. You can also try to click at any rows to get totals for this lines.
 +**Rotation** ​
 +  * Rotation Perfomance improved. Now it's really fast.
 +  * Rotation Import: you can import more then 1 thumb for each gallery. Format: {thumb1|thumb2}
 +  * New tags
 +  <​!--ACTIVATION_DATE-->,​ <​!--GROUP_ID-->,​ <​!--GROUP_NAME-->​
 +**Tube Service**
 +Great New Feature, that helps you to create tube trade sites.
 +  - it's really fast
 +  - uses file or Memcache to cache output
 +  - you can trade between your sites with plugins
 +Take a look at [[Tube Import]].
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