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 +====== Update 37 ======
 +  * Forces: Trade edit - VIP trade keep ratio , means that script forces or suspend trade trying to do it's best to keep selected ratio.
 +  * Traffic Sell: separate URL for each group
 +  * Trade screen - if you have a lot of traders (500+) trade screen could be a bit slow, try to switch off ajax features (cjsettings - display config : "​Switch OFF AJAX features in Trade Screen"​)
 +  * Trade Screen: you can show prod based on settings for each trade or based on row or unique (you can select manually)
 +  * Trade import: added groups
 +  * Trade Export Added
 +  * scj_webmaster.php : added more info for signup notofication emails.
 +  * Add Trade: a button at the top of the page
 +  * External Trade Info : separated from user comments
 +  * Trade Activation : from status '​No'​ trades can be activated only by Trade Activation System, Trade Start Limit activates trade only from status 'No, till Trade Start Limit'
 +  * TopLists: limit toplist by a group <​!--group=movies-->,​ now you can use some groups with one toplist, for example <​!--group=movies,​pics-->​
 +  * TopLists: for a long-distance trade sites you can use _MEMBER_1_CREDIT_ (credits = all_history_in - all_history_out)
 +  * History: note that this info is based at history, but you can delete history for each trade
 +  * Hourly forces: added to massedit screen
 +  * user.php is open source now, feel free to modify it as you want, don't forget to make a copy before it
 +  * Templates : wm_closed - admin contacts added
 +  * Groups : traders may be shown as a checkboxes
 +  * Script Update from SSH: plase, take a look at [[Updates]]
 +  * out.php : improved points systems, should be good for multiniche sites
 +  * out.php: &​skip_sell - skip traffic sell system
 +  * Cheat Lookup: dont count every IP that appears more than X times : you can see ips to ban based your settings realtime
 +  * Backup: script makes autobackups for the last 3 days 
 +  * Stats: Graph stats - saves last checkbox settings ​
 +  * Rotation: Graber : you can view\edit graber queue
 +  * Rotation: Specials : Update galleries'​ alt tags with random words from file 
 +  * Rotation: new tags <​!--THUMB_WIDTH-->​ and <​!--THUMB_HEIGHT-->​
 +  * Rotation: templates : description length limit , for example <​!--DESCRIPTION_50-->​ - 50 chars max
 +  * Rotation: Sponsor RSS import
 +  * Rotation : list : thumbs are grouped by a gallery, click 'Show thumbs'​ to see all thumbs from this gallery
 +Things to see:
 +Some people asked me about thing like bounce rate (from google analitics), yes, we already have this one. Take a look at [[Second Click]], you can set it to 1 and have the same stats ie what % of your serfers doesn'​t make a single click.
 +Also some about updates, i have to remind that you can also process updates from SSH, it's faster and easier (for sure, if you know what is SSH). Take a look at [[Updates]] section.
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