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 +**Update 34**
 +  * Quality Settings - based on mod GeoIP detects surfer's country, divide countries by 3 categories (Good, Normal and Bad). You can see stats for each trader (Trader - S - GeoIP Stats)
 +  * Admin Area: remembers last sort order (Settings -> CJSettings : Display Config - Save Last Sort Order)
 +  * Trade's status changes by clicking at Status column (Trade)
 +  * More preset fields for Import Trades (Maintenance -> Import Trades)
 +  * Trade Support System: changes: based on total hits during last X hours (Trade Edit)
 +  * Trade Suspend System: changes: based on total hits during last X hours (Trade Edit)
 +  * Parameter "Always send noref to url" Replaced by "Personal skimming for noref"  (Settings -> CJSettings)
 +  * Out.php : new parameter &se=10 - personal skimming for SE serfers 
 +  * Out.php : new parameter &pp=10 - Personal skimming for current link, this parameter overwrites any other skimming options (trade personal skim, personal skimming for countries and so on). 
 +  * New MassEdit based on regular "Edit trade" page (Trade, Massedit)
 +  * New option: Settings -> CJSettings : Display Config - "Move Trade table headers on Mouse Wait" (For Trade). At Trade screen hold your mouse over 1 trader during 5 seconds and table header will flow to this trader.
 +  * Rotation: more functionality at Sponsors Page
 +  * Rotation Import: you can copy thumbs from it's original location to location indicated in Rotation -> Settings (Thumbs save parameters)
 +  * Rotation: Pages and new tags. 
 +  * Rotation Grabber : makes thumbs from movies 
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