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 +**Update 33**
 +  - **Trade Screen:** lots of AJAX features added (try to: click on trader's number, ratio, forces and so on)
 +  - Trade Communication System - right click on any trade for popup menu with ICQ messages (script can send predefined messages like 'Low prod', 'Trade Added' and so on)
 +  - Easy and [[Fast Trade Add]] - add new trade with 1 (!) click, no need to copy\paste each field
 +  - [[Signup tickets]] - very useful if your signup form is closed, you can create a ticket for another webmaster.
 +  - Active and Inactive Traders are divided, you can disable inactive traders table in Settings 
 +  - Manual thumb creatin from Movies
 +  - Select sites by Trader's Nickname
 +  - **AntiCheat** : Cheat Lookup->Settings : Block every IP that appears more than  times in the incoming IP, Block every IP that appears more than times in the outgoing IP
 +  - **Rotation: Lots of updates**
 +  - Sponsors\Site - for handy galleries managment
 +  - RealTime Cell K calculation - consider cell CTR for thumb rotation
 +  - Thumb Crop Profiles - easy FHG cropping
 +  - Alternative thumb hosts - faster thumb loading (actually whole page loads up faster)
 +  - Realtime FTP test in Rotation settings
 +  - Advanced MassEdit - Unlimited search and replace function, much better then regular S&R
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