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 +**Update 32**
 +  * Header Check - this feature could help you to find some stupid cheater or get some extra stats. When user's bworser requests a page from your site it sends a some info about itself, script can collect and analyze this data. For example, most browsers support gzip encoding (html page compression) while some cheater\proxies dont. Select Settings->CJSEttings->Header field checks = Accept Gzip Encoding.  You can also select Server Protocol and charset. Advanced user can select any field from header. *
 +  * Active IP - Full list of Active IP with from\to traders list (Cheat lookup-> Active IPs)
 +  * Personal Skimming for overclick
 +  * Full stats fot blocked ref and overclicks traffic (you can see a list of traders who send you such traffic)
 +  * Toplist sort by Priority (<!--sort_by=priority--> at the beggining of a template)
 +  * Autobackup in SQL format
 +  * Fixed some issues for Opera 
 +  * GeoStats DB update
 +  * Trade screen improved
 +  * Scjwebmaster.php sends emails on new trade (check Settings->CJsettings "Send system e-mails" and "System email ")
 +  * Feature to prevent browser from caching (Settings -> CJsettings "Prevent caching of admin area"). Some ISPs try to cache too much.
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