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 +**Update 30**
 +  * Targeted trader's urls. Very usefull for multi niche sites. You can send hits to trader's niche pages depending on &group= parameter. (take a look at [[Edit Traders]] (Special Urls) )
 +  * Rotation Update - there are 2 main changes: added rotation\shift by hits (was by time only) and cell casting temporary removed as it needs to be updated.
 +  * Thumbs for Traders Toplist - settings moved to Settings  -> CJSettings
 +  * Thumbs for Traders Toplist - now we take one random out of first 3 (was 10 before)
 +  * Few JS scripts fixed to be faster (jquery)
 +  * New Sytem trade - overclicks for clicks after 'Counted clicks Max' (Settings->CJSettings)
 +ie lets say you have 20 in 'Counted clicks Max'. That means if someone does 21 clicks : 20 counts as all other hits, and click number 21 counted as a click of system trade 'overclicks'
 +  * 6. Menu at the top was changed a bit to be more usefull
 +  * New GeoIP DB (updated)
 +  * Script Messages - now if script has something to say you'll see a letter icon  in the top left conner [[Script Messages]]
 +  * Admin Colors [[Colors]] - you can setup diff. color for cols in Trade screen. For example, change color of column 'Daily Out' to blue 
 +  * Some admin area changes
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