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 +**Update 29**
 +  * Admin area compression - makes admin area faster (Settings -> CJ Settings - Gzip Admin area)
 +This feature tries to compress admin area output to make it faster.
 +If you set this option and your browser tries to load a file that means your browser\proxy doesn'​t support this feature. To switch it off go to URL
 +  http://​yourdomain/​scj/​admin/?​switch_off_gzip=true
 +  * Trade Activation System (Settings -> Trade activation) - you can setup activation conditions for new trades (productivity,​ uniques ratio and so on)
 +  * New out.php
 +  * Edit trade - ability to upload trader'​s thumb manually
 +  * Some changes to cron script to make it faster
 +  * New webmaster templates. Now webmaster can select a group on signup. Old templates will be saved to scj/​templates/​old_templates/​
 +  * New Import trades features ​
 +  * Presets for empty positions in Toplist. For example, '​Signup Here' for empty spaces in toplists. (Settings -> CJ Settings)
 +  * Some admin area changes.
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