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 +====== TS Group Settings ======
 +**Import Galleries** : Yes , SmartCJ will parse tube site and add thumbs to your DB.
 +**Import Thumbs** : All - add all available thumbs, Main - only main thumb, this thumb is usually hand-selected by the owner of tube site and has good quality, but all other sites use it. There may be "​screenshots",​ but you can also find good unique thumbs among them. 
 +**Add to** : add new thumbs to : Preview - adds to Rotation - Preload so you can select good thumbs later. Pool and Active - adds straight to DB. Pull - if you gonna use 'shift rotation method',​ active - is a simple way rotation.
 +**Filter Keywords** : this is a MAIN field here. You have to setup keywords for each category, script adds thumbs to each categories based on this settings. It's easy to image it as if you do a search at each tube with these keywords. basic syntax is easy "hello -world"​ - look for movies with description that has '​hello'​ but dont have '​world'​.
 +**Tubes** : list of tubes you want to parse. Script parses all tube site by default. ​
 +**Crop Profile** : crop profile [[Rotation Crop Profiles]]
 +Script parses tubes once a day. (you can force this event by clicking '​Regrab now' in group settings)
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