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 This is a list of your main pages. Take a look at [[Start Here]] This is a list of your main pages. Take a look at [[Start Here]]
 +====== Notrade (Feeders) ======
 +There are basically some ways to deal with new traffic (Settings -> Processed Data -> Process Refs)
 +  * Just count it as Notrade traffic
 +  * Add each new domain as a new trade (so we can track stats for each domain). We add such traders as * so this new trade would count traffic for each subdomain like,​ and so on
 +  * Lets say we buy some traffic at a broker and it comes from a lot of domains. In this case we can add 1 domain and send traffic to http://​my_domain/?​ - so we can track how much traffic we get from the broker in total. To track hits from each domain within this broker we can add tjose domains as subfeeders of so it's gonna be just 1 line ( in Trade screen) but when you click at S next to you'll see a tab called subfeeders with all domains you get traffic from via this broker.
 +At this point you also have 2 options: to add as * or to add each subdomain as ​
 +So if you get traffic let's say from and - you can count it as total if you add as * or as separately for each subdomain.
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