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 ====== Troubleshooting ====== ====== Troubleshooting ======
-===== Script does not count thumbs' CTR  =====+===== Does not count CTR =====
-First of all check if it counts 'shows'. If not - make sure you have rot_in.php in your templates.+First of all lets check if you have 'thumb shows'
-If there are 'shows' but no clicks - check that you have 'rotation parameterin your links  ( like 12x34x5678).+You don'have 'thumb shows':
-If you have it - check rewrites. There are could be some problems with custom rewrites. Easiest way to check it: clicks on any link and save response headers. There should be Set-Cookie field in response.+  -  Count systems traders (noref, notrade and so on) in Rotation - rotation. So make sure you have trade traffic, not only noref, notrade and so on. Of make those treade as countable. 
 +  - Make sure you don't have warnings at your Home page, especially 'proxy warning', if yes - fix it 
 +  While testing you can switch to a regular file cache, sometimes if the cache is overwhelmed it can lose records 
 +  - make sure you pass domain name in your crontab job 
 +Either you have magic rotation on OR you have rotation parameter in URL 
 +How to check magic rotation: 
 +  * Magic rotation counts hits based on referer, so make sure your browser passes Referer. [[troubleshooting#how_to_view_http_headers]]  - check headers. There's a known issue httpS-> http so check your links 
 +  * "Magic rotation and skip_cache" sometimes people test site with `skip_cache` to see changes right away, but if you disable cache - the script doesn't write hits, so just test w\o it 
 +  * Enable settings - cjsettings - debug out.php and check headers, most likely you can get some hints from header why the hit was not counted 
 +**Rotation parameter** if you use rotation parameter - make sure it has been passed to out.php. Sometimes when you change rewrite you can forget to pass that parameter. 
 +How to check: create links w\o rewrites. Check headers: [[troubleshooting#how_to_view_http_headers]] - You should see a header like 'Click-count-action' that says that the hit was counted.
-For version 50+:  
-  * You can adjust traffic count in rotation - settings and switch off count for noref\nocookie while having only this type of traffic (just starting site for example)  
-  * you can also not count clicks from proxies and have a problem with [[Nginx]] when it counts all traffic as proxy. 
-  * If you use rot_in.php do not add 'http://www' to src=... because it sets a cookie to, while you links may look like just ie without www. This prevents browser from sending a cookie 
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