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 +===== How much memory consumes cache =====
 +It 100% depends on your site.
 +We cache ready-made HTML in cache. So let's say your index page is 100k. 
 +Plus you have 100 categories, each category page 100k, and you have 50 pages within category , so that's 100 category * 50 pages * 100k = 500M
 +but a user can see those pages in 3 sort modes so 500 * 3 ..
 +Also let's say you have 100 000 galleries , each page is also 100k. So that's 10gb of html.
 +Of course, HTML gets compressed so it consumes less memory, but you can get an idea.
 ===== Cache Engines (New) ===== ===== Cache Engines (New) =====
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