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 +====== Hidden Links ======
 +Hidden links helps you to detect hitbot traffic.
 +An example:
 +  <div style="​position:​absolute;​ left:0px; top:0px; width:50px; height:​20px;​ z-index:1; visibility: hidden">​
 +  <a href="/​out.php?​link=bla-bla">​Enter</​A></​div> ​
 +Regular surfer can not see this link as it's hidden under layer, but any bot what tries to click on your page can not detect that and this is how we gonna catch some hitbots :-)
 +Add hidden links valies separated by comma to [[AutoAnticheat]],​ for example hidlink1,​hidlink2
 +Add column Hidden Links in [[Layouts]] ​
 +Actually few clicks doesn'​t guarantee that this trader cheats you (may be that was a SE bot) but it's a reason to take closer look at this trader.
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