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 +====== Forces ======
 +**Fast Force** – Script ​ tries to give  away these hits  as soon as possible , giving the highest priority to the trader. ​
 +Hour forces** ​ - script ​ tries  to give  the pointed amount of hits to trader ​ per hour.  There'​s also limited (special) ​ hour forces - that limits hour forces by time, for example 'force 50 hits per hour during 10 hours'​.
 +Usually script starts sending hits at the beginning of an hour (0 minutes), but you can change it in "​Trader Edit".
 +Except for  houred forces Timed Force can be found. ​  It enables a definite trader ​ to force hits at any time. * in any field  means  - "​any"​. ​
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