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 +====== Delete Tradest ======
 +While deleting a trader you can  come across different ​ options. ​
 +-Just delete it
 +-Delete ​ and add to blacklist, so that the  trader ​ couldn’t be  registered ​ once again. Usually the reason of  adding the trader ​ to blacklist ​ is mentioned.
 +-Delete ​ and add to the  global ​ SmartCJ base.   We have  this base on our  server ​  ​and ​ if  someone adds  a trader in this base, every user  of  SmartCJ ​  can see it in his  admin area when  pointing ​ at  this trader with a mouse. Take a look at [[http://​|SmartCJ Global BlackList]]
 +-Delete ​ to trash . The trader is just  deleted from the main list, trade with it stops, ​ but you can  easily restore it (menu  Trade→Trash)
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