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 +====== Analize 3 ======
 +Here  we analyze ​ traders on several parameters:
 +**Refs\ Browsers** - analyzes the trader’s statistics on the subject of  prevailing ​ the same refs or browsers. Normally there  have to be  different refs in trader’s refs  not only the domain’s root. If  in refs 99% 
 +  http://​ ​
 +or  if 90% of browsers –IE.  ​
 +**Proxy** - if the proxy %  differs from the average more than 2 times. ​
 +**Uni Ips** -  if the amount of unique IP is too low. For example, the trader ​ has 100 hits, out of which only 5 IP  are unique. It’s also a reason to pay  more attention to trader.
 +**Other** - some traders ​ register ​ from the same IP,  but  under different nicknames. ​ I’ve found other cheaters’ sites  thanks ​ to this  method.
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