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 +====== About Rotation ======
 +Well, what is rotation ? It's a process that helps you to show best thumbs at your index page.
 +Basically what you have to do is to add thumbs and script will select best of them and create index page with these thumbs.
 +SmartCJ rotates thumbs based on link (&link= parameter) stats. This kind of rotation doesnt load your server and doesnt slow down your site. Let's see what happens when you use external rotator:
 +  - Surfer clicks at a link like /rotator.php?thumb=123&url=http.....
 +  - it take some time to send a request from surfer to server, rotator processes this click and send a response back to surfer (it also takes some time) 
 +  - Usually rotator redirects surfer to out script of trade script. So you have to do actions 1-2 again.
 +If you use internal rotation only actions 1 and 2 are processed.
 +SmartCJ has 2 main actions: rotate thumbs (recreate pages) ans shift.
 +**Rotation** is when script takes all active thumbs, sorts them by CTR, processes template and saves results to file.
 +**Shift** is when script takes X worst thumbs (by CTR) , moves it to Old and takes X new thumbs from pool.
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