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Rotation thumbs

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Tell me, please, how to display category thumbs on the face not just by CTR but also by the amount of content added to the category.
Roughly speaking, there are 300 categories. In 150 of them, there are more than 1000 items of content. The rest are less. We want to rotate these 150, and even by CTR.
Thank you!
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Re: Rotation thumbs

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sure, there a tag for it

The script selects the best thumb for each category (Rotation Settings - System Thumbs). You can have 2 sets of sp called category thumbs.

Here's an example how

<category order=alphabet num=1-5>
<li><a href="/category/<!--CATEGORY_SLUG-->/ctr/1/"><!--CATEGORY_NAME--></a> (<!--TOTAL_ITEMS-->) (<!--THUMB_URL-->) </li>

* num - limit amount
* min_gallery_count - limit amount of galleries in a category ( for example min_gallery_count=10)
* set - byfault set in 1, but you cat have set=2, for example <category order=alphabet num=1-5 set=2>
* first_letter=... , # - means any number
* custom_name_first_letter = ...
* category_custom_var1 category_custom_var2 category_custom_var3 - limit by custom vars
* filter_field= and filter_value - unified filter for example filter_field=custom_name filter_value=GET_somevar where GET_somevar - means &somevar=... in the URL
* sort_field = sort by this field category_name, category_custom_name, category_custom_var1 (2, 3) )
* sort_order - asc, desc
* order - alphabet, clicks (same as ctr), amount of galleries (total_items) , random
* parent_id
* name="cat1,cat2" limit by category name
* category_id= limit by category id

There are some test vars

* <!--CATEGORY_TOP_THUMBS_LIST--> <!--CATEGORY_TOP_THUMBS_LIST5--> - top 5 category thumbs separated by comma, in case if you want to "roll" thumbs at your page
Don't forget to run script update
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