[b]Update 41[/b] (2009.09.29)

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[b]Update 41[/b] (2009.09.29)

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[news_title]Easy network admin, Boost Force, admin area multilogin and more[/news_title]

* Miltisite global edit : edit, delete any trader at all of your sites with 1 click. You can also export settings from one site to others.
* New force type : Boost force sends surfer to def. trade (in spite of trader's priority ) if user haven't visited it before
* Admin Area : Access rights, admin access management
* Limit ratio : strict and inexact. Strict means do not send to trader more then X percent (exclude trader from toplists to hold this ratio). Inexact means do not send to trader, BUT show it in toplists.
* Send info about visited traders : types added, SmartCJ Type - send to trader via &vs=base64_encoded(array of visited domains) and Proton\Progress (?x=123.123 ... list of cut crc nums)
* Settings - Cjsettings - Admin Area: Script messages verbose level, limit messages from script.
* Main - Traffic stats by niches
* Added more SE domains
* Toplist : easy select of niche and sort mode
* new GeoIP stats
* Backups: easy upload\download of backup files
* Trader Thumbs: new algorithm, should create thumbs sites with any structure
* Nice column Trader Detailed Quality stats
* Out Settings : 3 presets added
* Trader's thumbs : new algorithm, creates thumbs of any sites

* Global Admin : easy stats

* Rotation: New Tags
* Rotation : Import improved
Have you done script update ?

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