[b]Update 40[/b] (2009.07.01)

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[b]Update 40[/b] (2009.07.01)

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[news_title]Dinamic Skim, MDL, Mod_toplist and more[/news_title]

* Traffic Rules - Dynamic Skimming Dynamic Skimming
* CjSettings - Processed Data : add notrade as inactive traders
* Cheat Clicks: CjSettings - Other Setting : Cheat Hit is a hit if in → click time less + “or cookie doesnt exists” for user vars
* AntiCheat: check traders against malwaredomainlist

* Trade - Groups : inline group name edit
* CjSettings - Content Settings : personal Skimming for cheat clicks
* Signup Tickets - click at <> at the left top corner of your screen
* SE domains list updated
* Check Trader for banned words (Settings - Config Files: banned_words.txt). Trader's page checked every 2-5 hours.

* WM Signup: trader can add a logo for his site (useful for mod_toplist) (CjSettings - WM Signup Form )
* WM Signup: fast contact form (CjSettings - WM Signup Form )

* Inrules\Outrules : easy drag&drop sort

* Trade screen: show 0-size traders within separate table (CJSettings - Admin area)
* Trader's descriptions\Toplists - support of all languages (UTF-8)
* Trader thumbs: default image for each trader (while script create real thumb for this trader) scj/top/tt/default_image.jpg
* Toplist : new tags (_MEMBER_1_PROD_TRADE_ and _MEMBER_1_PROD_TOTAL_)
* Mod Toplist: Reset time, every X hours

You can use SmartCJ as basic toplist script.
1. Create any amount of toplist templates as usual, select sort for toplist by clicks. Use tag _MEMBER_1_TOTAL_CLICKS_ in templates.
2. Set Traffic rules : Counted clicks Max = 1
3. Set Toplist Reset options. 0 means no reset at all.

* Mod_TopList : trader's Toplist reset auto detection.

* Traffic Sell: multiURLs , send only unique clicks to the same broker + setup % of hits to each broker.

* Global Admin: added row 'New Traders' , so you can edit them 'in the same window'

* Rotation: base element: gallery or a thumb?
Have you done script update ?

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