[b]Update 36[/b] (2008.11.01)

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[b]Update 36[/b] (2008.11.01)

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[news_title]Traffic sell, Modified hourly forces, Rotation improvements, New Toplist sort options and more[/news_title]

* Traffic sell: you can automatically sell some amount of your traffic Traffic Rules
* List Trade : Advanced sort
* Home : History for the last 3 days
* out.php : new parameter - &add_url=true adds a frame from Settings → CJ Settings
* TopList : sort by prod added (prod_trade and prod_total)
* Hourly Force : you can select start minute for example if you want to start force at 20th minute of each hour
* History : mysql queries optimized for a big history (30+ days)
* Trade Edit : trader's color added to edit page

* Rotation: List thumbs : remembers last settings in cookies
* Rotation Pages : improved edit features
* Rotation Crop Profiles : fixed for a big thumbs sizes
* Rotation Crop Profiles : more values for Shine, Dark, Brightness, Saturation, Contrast
Have you done script update ?

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